Piedmont Direct Mail

PDM is capable of handling everything under one roof. Which means we control every aspect of your job. We specialize in print and direct mail that satisfy the changing needs of direct marketers. We are committed to delivering highly creative and cost effective solutions to our clients.

Who We Are

Piedmont Direct is locally owned and operated by Mary McIver. Originally working in the computer industry, Mary started in the direct mail business over 20+ years ago. At first, owning a co-operative direct mail franchise and quickly moving over to solo mailing services and targeted demographic mailings. For over 20 years we have invested in technology and people who have the skills necessary to help take marketing ideas from concept to reality via direct mail campaigns. Also working in the business since the age of 12 is Robert McIver, a recent graduate of Elon University. Robert joins the team of direct mail specialists in an ever expanding role.

What We Do

At Piedmont Direct Mail, we have the ability to create, design, print, target and mail your advertising campaigns. For your convenience, we have an artist on staff that does layout and design. Our demographic mappers help you determine who you should target and our entire production department has the capability of making your campaign a reality.

We specialize in creating direct mail campaigns that generate revenue for your business. PDM makes sure your programs comply to the USPS regulations and get you the best possible postage rages, while delivering your message into the hands that matter most for you.

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